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How I Got My Kids to Eat Kale

…and actually like it (repost from Medium) Every summer, farms in our area start pushing kale onto their unsuspecting customers…. Continue reading »


Happy Birthday Ainslie, my dear daughter

Last year I wrote about what it’s like to be a 7 year old. Guess what, almost everything I predicted… Continue reading »


Reflections on a year living with a gummy bear

Living with a gummy bear has its ups and downs. She can be sweet, cuddly, and adorable. The round cheeks… Continue reading »


Tonight we mourn, tomorrow we hope

Tonight we lingered at their beside a little longer than usual. Tonight we held them in ours arms and told… Continue reading »


Dear Kids… (May 2012)

The month of May at the Kasper’s house was filled with excitement as extra shoes, socks, and toothpaste tubes appear… Continue reading »