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Bacon Cupcakes

My Birthday Wish – Do Good

Today I turn 39. It’s not a milestone. It’s actually kinda depressing. The last year of my 30s. Another year… Continue reading »


Never Grow Up

Ainslie, today is your 10th birthday. You need to stop growing up! Seriously. I’ve told you for a least 10… Continue reading »


Birthday Wishes to a Teenager

Dear son, Today we celebrate the monumental event of your 13th birthday. True, it’s just another year, another revolution of… Continue reading »

Nathan Tara

Two Powerful Words

Fifteen years ago I said two words that dramatically and completely altered the course of my life. These two words… Continue reading »


12 Important Thoughts For My Son Turning 12

My son turns 12 today. Hold on, are you sure?! Twelve!? As in one year before 13, …gulp… a TEENAGER?!?… Continue reading »