Even 5 Year-Olds Can Make a Latte

Dec 12, 2011 by     6 Comments    Posted under: Musings, Parenting

Here’s another video repost from one of my fav. coffee sites, Dear Coffee, I Love You. Watch as two kids make a decent espresso and latte! I’m so getting my kids to do this when I get my espresso machine from Santa ;)

via Clive Coffee


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  • Santa knows you’d need a much bigger kitchen for such a humungous machine! And… what 5 year old needs espresso????? Killjoy, OMA

    • They make them for me!

  • How come your Santa keeps suggesting that she knows nothing about it ;)
    I need to train my kid next. These kids are so posh they even warm up the cup. My machine has a plate on top, one step less to do…

    • :) At least you have an espresso machine.

  • …I want to know your Santa….

    • My Santa is the same as your Santa ;)

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